Tattoo Removal FAQ


Who is a good candidate for Alex TriVantage laser tattoo removal treatment?

A good candidate for treatment should meet these criteria:

  • 1. Is not recently tanned

  • 2. Is not currently on Accutane (isotretinoin) therapy

  • 3. Is not pregnant

  • 4. Does not have a history of light triggered seizures

  • 5. Does not have an active skin infection or recurrent cold sores

  • 6. Does not have implanted medical devices such as pacemakers, cardioverters, etc.

  • 7. Does not have a history of photosensitivity (allergy or strong sensitivity to light).

What is the typical price range of an Alex TriVantage laser tattoo removal treatment?

Tattoo removal treatments range depending upon the size of the area being treated, however discounts are always given on packages.

What is the typical number of tattoo removal treatments necessary?

For most skin conditions treatable by the Alex Trivantage laser, the typical number is 8-12 treatments in intervals of 4-6 weeks. However some conditions may respond with fewer treatments.

What can I expect from treatment with the Alex TriVantage laser?

After a treatment, most patients have mild redness and irritation and sometimes swelling in the treated areas. For tattoo removal treatment, the treatment area is usually crusted/scabbed. Patients should expect to care for the area treated for the first 4-7 days following treatment. Because it is designed to target only the ink in the tattoo, any surrounding skin is not affected during the procedure.

Why choose the Alex TriVantage over other tattoo removal lasers?

The Alex TriVantage is one of the only tattoo removal lasers that can fix ANY color tattoo. By using 3 wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm and 755 nm) the laser can reach any color.