Let’s face it: we all want better sex. Connection, intimacy, and orgasms make the top of many people’s “more, please” lists. Leave it to the magic of modern medicine to give us just that.

At Bare Med Spa, we’re thrilled to offer an entire line dedicated to sexual wellness and intimacy.

CO2RE Intima

The CO2RE Intima is a treatment that performs fractional laser resurfacing of the vaginal canal, introitus, and external genitalia. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your vagina, this is one of the best first steps!

The resurfacing laser helps relieve side effects of childbirth and aging, restore vaginal tone, flexibility, and shape, tighten internally and externally, reduce symptoms like painful intercourse or dryness and itching, and improve lubrication. It can also increase vaginal tone and tissue strength, decreasing urinary incontinence or urine leakage.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments gained traction as a treatment for athletes. Using blood cells from the patient, platelet-rich plasma is created and injected into the injured area.

Platelets have growth properties that help with tissue regeneration and cell reproduction. An excellent way to visualize platelets involves taking you back to when you may have cut yourself or scraped a knee. The yellow liquid that appears as a scab grows over the cut is full of platelets and helps heal the skin, giving you that fresh, pink skin once the scab pops off.

How the heck does this help with orgasms, you wonder?

Well, this PRP treatment does wonders for women who may be experiencing mediocre sex due to a variety of reasons. The platelets are injected into the vaginal tissue — the G-spot, clitoris, Skene’s Glands, urethra, and vaginal wall — and naturally attract your stem cells to the injected area to generate healthier, more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response in the vagina.

In other words, the platelets increase sensitivity, stimulation, tighten the vulva, and help combat vaginal dryness — an incredible recipe for better orgasms.

Vampire Wing Lift

The Vampire Wing Lift uses the same PRP technology to replenish your vaginal fullness, specifically for the labia majora. This treatment is excellent for helping restore the “youthfulness” of the vagina by stimulating the growth of collagen, new blood vessels, and tissue.

What’s the Best Choice for Me?

Like any cosmetic procedure, you must speak with your clinician before making any decisions. While each choice is a fabulous step forward to regaining a fulfilling and satisfying sex life, one treatment may be more beneficial for you.

If you’d like to book a consultation and reclaim the best sex ever, contact us today.


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