If you have heard of fillers, then you have probably also heard of PDO threading, but many are not sure what it actually is and how it compares to regular fillers. Essentially, threading provides a mild lift by tightening your face all in one treatment. Fillers, on the other hand, add volume to specific areas, with moderate lifting ability. To easily summarize, fillers provide volume and threading will lift and tighten.

How Does Threading Work?

PDO threads are contained within a thin tube called a cannula. This cannula is inserted into the sub-dermal layers of your skin. The threads reposition loose skin when inside and tighten as the needle is removed. This process lifts the skin.

If you are wondering how well this procedure works, the National Institute of Health found that PDO thread lifts work with a 90% success rate, with visible lifting and shaping of the face.

What To Expect During Your Treatment

After you have scheduled a consultation and we have reviewed the perfect treatment for you, we will schedule your threading treatment. The day of your appointment we will start off your session with lidocaine to ensure a comfortable and pain-free treatment. This way you do not need to worry about feeling the thread placements. Next, we will work to strategically place the threads into the sub-dermal layers and lift and sculpt your face. You will see a visible difference in appearance right away and the threads will eventually dissolve on their own.

How Long Do The Results Last?

While this is a non-invasive treatment, you can expect your results to last for 18 months or more, and you will enjoy a more youthful and tighter appearance immediately. Within two weeks after treatment, collagen production will start and the texture and tone will improve even more.

Does PDO Threading Hurt?

We do everything we can to ensure you do not feel pain during your PDO threading treatment. You might feel some slight pulling or tugging during the procedure, but with the use of creams or lidocaine, there should not be too much discomfort. This is an outpatient procedure with minimal downtime, although you might experience some soreness for 3-5 days after your treatment.

How Can I Try The PDO Threading Treatment?

If you are interested in trying the PDO threading treatment, we would love to help you or answer any questions you might have. Before scheduling, we would like to meet with you and build a custom plan for treatment built around your goals. Simply give us a call to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss the procedure in detail with you. Contact our team today!


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