Does Your Sex Life Need a Lift?

Vaginal laxity, dryness, and a loss of sensation become more and more prominent as women age. Loss of volume and elasticity, in particular, can make women feel self-conscious and be detrimental to their sex lives.

Thankfully, at Bare Medical Spa we provide women with the Bare Plasma Wing Lift treatment solution. This excellent non-surgical treatment uses restorative growth factors to rejuvenate the labia and restore it to a more youthful state. This treatment works using personal growth factors derived from your own blood and incorporated with a hyaluronic acid filler to rejuvenate and revive the labia (or wings) of the vagina. Treatments successfully lift the labia and vaginal tissue while also regenerating and replenishing their health and function from within.

How Does the Bare Plasma Wing Lift Work?

Bare Plasma Wing Lift treatments are performed by collecting the patient’s blood and placing it into a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the personal growth factors from the rest of the blood, making it ready for implanting. The cells derived from this process possess the growth and healing factors that will be utilized to help give the labia its desired shape. The growth factors are injected into the vaginal tissue and labia area, naturally restoring and repairing the tissue by promoting collagen production and natural vaginal tightening.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are also used in order to plump up the labia. As the cells work to heal and revitalize the vaginal tissue, the hyaluronic fillers work to plump up the labia for a supple and more youthful look.

What Are the Results?

Results from this procedure can be noticed immediately. However, optimal results can be observed 2-3 months after treatment. The effects of the Bare Plasma Wing Lift last for about 1-2 years, but the duration may vary from person to person. The best part of the procedure is that it does not require any downtime. Immediately after your session, you are free to return to your normal routine. However, some temporary soreness has been reported.

What are the Benefits?

Loss of volume and elasticity in the appearance of the vagina can cause many women to lose confidence and even experience reduced sexual pleasure. This highly rejuvenating procedure has been shown to successfully reverse these conditions and help women reclaim the youthful appearance and functionality of their vaginas. If you are ready to regain control of your sex life, you could benefit from the revolutionary Bare Plasma Wing Lift.

Bare Plasma Wing Lift in Burlington, VT

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