Looking to refresh with a resurface?

CO2RE is a fractional skin resurfacing procedure that treats scars, discoloration, wrinkles, and skin laxity by utilizing dual laser waves that can be adjusted to penetrate the skin at both superficial and deep levels simultaneously.* The CO2RE difference? The treatment is lighter, faster and offers more versatility for skin resurfacing when compared to traditional ablation.

Is CO2RE Skin Resurfacing right for me?

CO2RE skin resurfacing is appropriate for most Fitzpatrick skin types. The ideal CO2RE candidate is in their 30s or older and is suffering from sun-damaged skin, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, rough texture, acne scars, or other skin imperfections. The procedure is great for someone seeking younger skin who doesn’t want to deal with the longer downtimes associated with traditional resurfacing treatments.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

What can I expect from my CO2RE Skin Resurfacing treatment?

The procedure itself can be mildly uncomfortable. However, a topical anesthetic can be applied prior to the treatment to help manage the discomfort. For more aggressive, higher powered treatments, a subcutaneous anesthetic may be used. Immediately following the procedure you can expect a sensation similar to a sunburn that can last several hours.
A CO2RE Skin Resurfacing treatment

When will I notice my results?

After your procedure, you can expect dead skin to peel from the treatment area. This natural exfoliation process, sometimes called sloughing, may occur over the following 7-10 days. In the days after the treatment, your skin will gradually look softer and smoother.* Age spots and uneven skin texture will start to show immediate improvement. Results can be achieved in as little as one treatment, but deeper wrinkles, pigment, or scars can take multiple sessions.

Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

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* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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