No Ragrets?

Don’t worry; we get it. Your spring break mistake doesn’t have to live on in infamy forever. With PicoWay tattoo removal your permanent blunder can be reversed. PicoWay is the latest technology for laser tattoo removal. It can remove a tattoo in approximately half the number of treatments of older tattoo removal lasers while giving superior results.

PicoWay delivers an ultra-short picosecond pulse of energy to the tattoo ink. This burst of energy breaks up the the ink into extremely small pieces that are easier for the body to eliminate. Once the ink has been broken apart, your body’s white blood cells take the particles away through your lymphatic system.* This process does not damage the skin so when all of the ink is gone, your skin is healthy and beautiful.

Is PicoWay right for me?

Still have those pesky initials from your high school sweetheart? It might be time to put the past away for good. Many kinds of tattoos can be treated including professional, amateur, traumatic and even recalcitrant tattoos (recalcitrant tattoos are those with visible pigment after 10 or more treatments with a laser device). PicoWay can treat a wide range of tattoo colors and is safe to use on most skin types, so that super cute at the time peacock feather will be gone in no time at all.

What can I expect from PicoWay tattoo removal?

Depending on the size of your ink, the process is relatively short. Before the treatment many patients choose to have a topical numbing cream applied to minimize discomfort. When your treatment is completed your skin will probably feel sunburnt and sensitive, and you may experience other side effects like blistering, redness, and swelling, but this will fade within a few weeks.

When will I notice my results?

At Bare, we strive to minimize scarring and pigmentation issues from the laser tattoo removal process. Most tattoos will need between 3 and 8 treatments for removal depending on how much ink is present.* It is recommended patients wait 6 to 10 weeks in between treatments. Don’t worry, your patience will pay off, soon you’ll be broken up with that 2gether 4ever mistake for good.*

Example tattoo sizes

Below are examples of different size tattoos. All tattoo removal will still require a consultation to determine an exact price and package.

Different tattoo sizes

Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

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X-small tattoos generally cost around $200; small tattoos are around $250; medium tattoos are around $300 and large tattoos cost around $350. The price of X-large tattoos will be determined during your consultation.

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