Spice up your spring with Bare. During the month of May purchase an EMSELLA & CO2RE Intima package and take $1000 off.

EMSELLA is revolutionizing the way women deal with incontinence and increasing sexual satisfaction in the process.* The EMSELLA chair uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field to activate motor neurons in the pelvic floor— kind of like kegels on steroids.

Nervous about CO2RE Intima? Don’t be. CO2RE Intima is the latest in FDA-cleared gynecological laser treatments, and it’s a powerhouse:

  • Relieve the signs of childbirth and aging*
  • Restore vaginal tone, flexibility and shape*
  • Tighten internally and externally*
  • Relieves symptoms like dryness and itching*
  • Improves lubrication*

The birds and the bees will have nothing on you this month: call (802) 861-2273 to book.


*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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